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Oh my thank you for asking this query! I am a shadow jammer myself, Dragonwolf49. The shadow jammers are an ELITE group of jammers, dedicated to removing scammers and "baddies" as our leader calls them! We are known for wearing mech angel wings, so if you see a jammer with mechs on, ask them, Are you a shadow Jamma? Anyways, We go around and make sure all is right. Do not fear if you see one of us, our name is ominous yet we are just here to help.Anyways: this is how I got into the shadow jammers: You gotta send a rare item to Skyethewolfgirl, our founder. She normally will give it back to you later on after you have proved your "awesomeness" because i got my fox hat back. She has a youtube account called: Blazethewelshdragon that you may see for updates and such for the organization. Thank you for the query! Jam On!

~shadowjammer Dragonwolf49

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