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This page gives a list of the frequently asked questions on this wiki so that we don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over again. Please don't ask any questions that are included in this list.

Questions Regarding Items

  • How much is a/an _____ worth? - We do not provide values for items, as everyone will have different perspectives of how much an item is worth.
  • Where/How can you get a spike? - You can get a spike in the Forgotten Desert, by trading or by gifting.
  • Where/How can you get a headdress? - You can get a headdress by trading, gifting or rarely, the Forgotten Desert.
  • Where/How can you get a (rare) bow and arrow? - Bow and Arrows are available as a daily gift during the Jamaalidays. Rare bow and arrows formerly were available as a daily Jamaaliday gift but can now be obtained in the adventures.

Questions Regarding The Bridge/Ice

  • Can you break the bridge/ice? - Yes, but the bridge/ice will only be cracked and you nor the bridge/ice will fall.
  • What will you get if you break the bridge/ice? - You will not get anything of value from breaking the bridge/ice.

Questions Regarding Jammers

  • What's _____'s password? - We do not provide passwords for Jammers, as it is private information. These type of questions are also against the rules and will get you banned on this wiki for 1 week.
  • Who is _____/Who is the most popular Jammer? - We do not provide answers to these questions, as different people will view the same person in different ways.


  • How do I get free membership? - There is no possible way to get free membership on Animal Jam, as you or someone else must pay for it.
  • How do I hack? - We do not provide hacking tutorials and ultimately, asking these questions can get you banned as these questions are unrelated to Animal Jam and asking for unfair advantages.

Well, if you'd like to add anything you can just edit it or post it in the comments.

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