Welcome to Animal Jam Q And A Answers. What would you like to know?

These are the most commonly asked questions on this wiki.

As always please check VIA search to see if we answered you question.


How much is _________ worth? - If you are answering, please put in "Trading has no true value it is open to opinion."

Where can I get _________? - If it was never available in stores, say "Trading, Gifting, or the Forgotten Desert". If it was in the stores, add in where it could have been bought.

Questions Regarding the Bridge/Ice

Please answer "It can not be broken through".

Questions Regarding Other

What is _______'s Password? - These types of questions will eventually be deleted, as passwords are private information and asking these types of questions are against the rules. Any questions you make regarding another user's password is an automatic 1 month ban for you. If you come across one of these questions, please leave it alone and an admin will eventually delete the page.

Any question involving popularity - Any popularity questions should be marked for deletion, opinion is very subject.

How can I get free membership? - At this moment, you cannot get free membership but a chance may appear in the future.

What is the code for a Spring Bunny? - We can't provide these, but you can receive one by purchasing a membership card.

Was there a code for _______?- No, the only items given out by code were, Birthday cakes, 10 milion AJ players banner, Some phantoms, and gecko plushies.

How can I get Diamonds?- You can get diamonds, Members get one every week, by winning them in contest, the daily spin, or buying them with real money.

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