Welcome to Animal Jam Q And A Answers. What would you like to know?


  1. ANY question relating to another person's personal information, including passwords and emails, will result in an indefinite ban automatically.
  2. ANY bad language will result in a 3 day ban automatically.
  3. ANY question not about Animal Jam or the wiki will result in a 3 day ban.
  4. NO asking for free items. This will result in a 3 day ban.
  5. ANY inapropriate questions will result in a month ban.
  6. IF you are rude when you receive a warning, the ban will automatically count and you will get an extra three days.
  7. What happens on your account is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Regardless of who did it, you will take the punishment.
  8. Do not share any personal information.
  9. Respect other users' opinions.
  10. Do not advertise yourself or other sites (this includes youtube channels)
  11. We do not allow giveaways. (Due to untrustworthy scammers)

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